Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Taking a step back.

Okay, okay - Gaynor reminded me that I had skirted over my husbands wonderful proposal. I didn't purposefully do this, however I am now thinking that maybe I was skirting it because it reminds me of my not so good side!

I have mentioned that it had been quite a trying time coming to terms with stuff before we got engaged. Well on the day, Bri had phoned to ask if he could take me out as he had some stuff he wanted to talk about. I remember so clearly rolling my eyes and thinking 'not again', presuming we were going to have to have yet more musing on the topic and having not resolution. Reluctantly I agreed to go out with him, he came and picked me up and took me to Richmond Hill very near to where we went to Church. I think I might even have said to him at some point that I didn't want to go over the same old stuff over again. My shock (and mild embarrassment) when he got down on one knee just after Concorde had gone over us, was very very real. I hadn't guessed it was coming at all. Richmond Hill continues to hold a very special place in our hearts and I hope always will.


  1. Aah! A beautiful view, a beautiful place and a beautiful story! I think of you every time I drive past!

  2. That's lovely to know Gaynor - thank you!