Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The God who gives Immeasurably More.

My wedding day finally arrived. My husband to be proposed in December 1995 and we married in May 1996. One thing that I haven't mentioned with regards to my husband - he was brand new and all mine. After becoming a Christian it took quite a while for me to shake off the feeling of being 'soiled' goods. With our wedding finally in view it quite took my breath away to see that God had not only made me 'new' again, as if to underline it he gave me a husband who had never had a girlfriend - he was all mine! That made me feel incredibly special.

The photo is of me with a friends little boy - he's 6' 5 " these days - and does not fit on my lap anymore!

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  1. Lovely photo! and I can remember you telling me when you got engaged. Are you not going to tell about his romantic proposal location?