Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Getting into a Positive Frame of Mind

Do you believe in 'self-fulfilling prophecies'? I do very very much. I am presently having a bit of a clash with my son. He has to write a 100 word story using lots of its and it's in it! He was supposed to do it yesterday, we had already sat down together and came up with a story plan as I know he finds it difficult to get started. He had requested that he go upstairs to his room to do it where it was quiet. I consented and called him down 30 minutes later to discover he had written nothing. So he has come in from school this afternoon and still has to do it. He has already been sat at the dining room table for 20 minutes staring in to space so have just had a conversation with him about his thoughts. He is sitting there saying - 'don't want to do this', 'can't do this' to himself. I have tried to explain to him that by sitting there saying that - there is no way he can get his brain to produce something - he needs to turn his thoughts around. I have suggested that he tries to set himself a more positive goal - like, ' if I write 10 sentences in 10 minutes, I will be finished'. He is not quite working to that pace - but he does have some words and sentences completed in the time I have written this.

I am now trying to think where I need to apply this to my life at the moment. I have had a really busy day at work. I have been in meetings and doing admin all morning and spent this afternoon with 20 or so toddlers and their carers talking and playing around the Easter story. I am so tired I am finding it very difficult to think that I can do anything else this evening. However I know the truth is that I don't really want to do anything this evening. On one hand this is fine, I do need to rest - though I do need to feed my family and be mum at least until the children go to bed.

So - I will cook a lovely tea for us in 20 minutes time, we will then sit together and watch something nice on the TV. The children are perfectly able to do their own baths and my husband usually does bedtime stories when he is around and he is around this evening. Then I can rest and relax and not expect myself to do anything more. Great - I feel better already!

Now my gorgeous hubby has said he is going to help out with tea as well smashing! My son has finished his homework, so a bit of snuggle time is required I think!

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