Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Handfull of Issues that I am dealing with.

I have alluded to having 'issues' at the moment, I have decided to get some of them out in print to try and stop myself from blowing them out of proportion. So please excuse me while I indulge:

Issue no 1. My 12 year old niece (who lost her single parent mummy back in November) is very unhappy living with her Grandma and Grandpa (my mum and dad), however she is grieving and therefore is probably going to be unhappy where ever she is.
Having my niece come and join our family - but not immediately so that she can think it through properly. This requires patience and a lot of work by the whole family to come to terms with this.
Continuing to support my niece to stay with her Grandparents and support them by having her to stay during school holidays (she lives 140 miles away from us).

Issue no 2. My mother is seriously depressed which is affecting the possible out comes to issue no 1.
Continue to encourage my mum to get professional help to try and alleviate her symptoms. To remove her main stress (my niece) and let her take the path that she decides to take.

Issue no 3. My health - I need to lose weight and get fitter and am facing surgery on both of my knees.
Surgery - putting up with it.

Issue no 4. The loss of my best friend. I cannot go in to detail about this but the person who has been my very best friend and prayer partner for the last 6 years is no longer around in my life.
Grieve, find support from others, pray for her.

How silly to get right to the end of that list before I think of Prayer!!!!!!! Of course I can hand all these things over, they are all far to big for me to make decisions on by myself.

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