Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Birth of my Son and Daughter

Considering how eventful my health can be, my pregnancy was reasonably uneventful. This was a huge relief, however when labour finally arrived I did end up having too have a Cesarean section as my baby was getting distressed and I was just not dilating! It seems that my pelvis was just too stiff, those ligaments just were not prepared to give! Si was born 10 days earlier than my due date in the autumn. I cherish those early memories of him so tiny, born just over 7lbs, he stayed small for a long time, I'm pleased to say he has more than made up for it since! I didn't really have much chance to be shell shocked by his arrival. Six weeks after he was born my sister was taken very poorly, she was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and ended up in hospital for a year, her marriage broke up and her 3 year old daughter went to live with my mum and dad. By the time Si was 3 months, my husbands dad died very suddenly.

Si a few hours old.

So I do have some quite strange memories of my sons early days! Driving over to Lincoln and Sheffield and Derby to see my sister in various hospitals. Organising a 3 year olds birthday party for my niece! Fetching all my sisters belongings from her home in Lincoln and taking them to my mums house in Nottingham (little did I know then that I would be clearing her home again 9 years later). Viewing potential housing association houses for my sister for when she was discharged. I was also having to regularly go to hospital as had been put on Warfarin because of the risk of blood clots following surgery because of past medical history!

I do also have lots of beautiful memories, sitting on the sofa watching my baby for hours on end. Having no stress about needing to return to work as many of my ante-natal group were doing. Making some new friends who now feel very much a part of my family.

Because of having to stop all my medication during the last trimester of my pregnancy and not being able to return to it while I was breastfeeding, I stopped feeding at 7 months. I obviously was physically feeling much better once on medication as I got pregnant again very soon! This was a little bit of a surprise but an extremely good one!

Within 17 months of Si being born, little miss Belle arrived, almost the same weight as her brother! Also 10 days early as he had been! I had tried for a 'normal' delivery but this time made my own decision to go for a C section as it was progressing in the same very slow manner of my first. Within 5 years of marriage we had been blessed with two absolutely gorgeous children.

Belle a few hours old.

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