Thursday, 29 January 2009


I need a light hearted blog today to lift a heavy heart. So thought I would talk about Repentence - how heavy does that sound - hold your horses though, here's the story.

A prayful friend lent me a book some time ago - called 'Fight Like a Girl' by Lisa Bevere. I decided to start reading it some time later and edulged myself in a nice hot bubbly bath (my favourite reading place).

Horror of horrors, what then happened was totally predictable - yes you guessed it - I dropped the whole book, spladoosh in the bath (minus the cover - I had thought to remove that incase of getting it wet!). Not only was I left with nothing to read in that bath! I also started along the guilt trip road, of What Have I Done!!!!

Commonsense prevailed, the book went in the airing cupboard, dried out well, though had completely lost it's nice new hardback finish. I then read the book, it was good, not brilliant, but enjoyable on the whole. Some months had passed, I knew I wouldn't be seeing my lovely prayful friend for sometime, so put thoughts of it to one side. Then the date was sent to have lunch together. That day was today. Now what do you do? I could have gone out to the bookshop and purchased a new copy and not told her what had gone on and she would probably have never found out. However that would have cost me money and time, it also troubled my eco-sensitivities, the book was still readable. On the other hand the book might have been given to her by a special friend, it could also have been one someone had lent her, I knew I had other books from her in the past where this was the case.

After much pondering and praying I decided that the most honest thing I could do was to ask this friend whether or not the book fell into one of these latter categories, if it had I would most definately have gone and replaced it with a new one. I took it along to our lunch date, covered in a brown paper bag! I asked the question - she laughed and said it wasn't particularly special - why? I told her the story, took it out of the bag and we laughed together. She then remarked that now she could feel very holy when lending it to other people, because it looked so well used!!

Daft isn't it the things we can worry about.

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