Wednesday, 7 January 2009


My mum is a remarkable woman, with no help and no professional support she has overcome the worst possible start in life to raise a family of 3 children, to be married to the man she fell in love with as a teenager for over 40 years.

I might have a good old moan about my childhood, but being a facts and figures sort of person I am well aware that the statistics were stacked towards me being an abused child because of having an abused mother. I was not an abused child!!!!!!!!! Thank you mum x.

She is now facing even more, her youngest child, the only one of the three of us that had to be born in hospital has died. She not only has to face this grief, she is now along with my dad fully responsible for an 11 year old grand-daughter. On top of this she is also solely responsible for her mum who has recently had to go into a nursing home and has age onset dementia. Along with this she is has had to clear my sisters belongings from her council flat and is having to sell my grandmothers house to pay for her nursing home. How does she do it? How can I possibly not be in awe of her?

I am not her, I am Me, whoever that person is. I certainly know some of the things that I am not. So maybe I have found some thing that I am:

A 40 year old who has a wealth of childhood and family experiences that help me to empathise and see situations in a very broad context.

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  1. just sending you a massive hug (((jane)))