Thursday, 22 January 2009

God Incidences

I have a very good friend who whenever she hears me say - "You'll never beleive what has happened" always rolls her eyes and says "not again......" with a smile on her face.

You may think I am going to roll out yet more stuff about how bleak parts of my life have been. However, since finding Jesus my life has been far outweighed with some of the most amazing God Incidences, times when there is just no logical explanation for why 'good' things have happened.

The most recent of these happened after my sister died in November. She had become a Christian around 3 years ago. In the last 18months or so she had been doing an afterschool group to bring Sunday school to school children at the junior school her daughter attended. The group was organised by a local minister and one of her junior church leaders and Sally was the creative input to the team. I often had conversations with Sally when she was a bit stuck for ideas or wanted to share some of the stuff they were doing, but we never really talked about the team. I didn't even know there was a minister involved in it.

After Sally died, her daughter told me that her mum would have wanted the lady minister who ran the group to do her funeral. I had absolutely no idea who this person was or where she was from, just that her name was Alicia. Several days later while still at my mums there was a phone call which I answered and it turned out to be Alicia!

Now after I became a Christian I told my mum who made it very clear that she did not approve and never wanted me to be bringing it into her home (I was back living with them at the time). Mum had a very good relationship with her mother-in-law, my grandma, so this helped somewhat, that she was involved in the church.

Discussions about Sallys funeral were very very difficult, I suppose no parent ever expects to have to be burying their 36 year old daughter. Mum was adamant that there would be no funeral in a church, but was happy to respect her grand-daughters wishes that this minister was allowed to do the cremation service.

My first big discussion with Alicia, before she spoke with my mum and dad, revealed that she had been sent into ministry from St Alkmunds in Derby - not only that but she knew Grandma!!
(even though she had passed away 13 years ago!!).

This amazing God-incidence meant that I was able to give this information to my mum and dad which gave them a confidence in this minister that I do not beleive they would ever have had with a stranger. My continuing prayer is that this minister will stay in touch with my parents and my neice as I beleive without a shadow of doubt that He is waiting to say Hi to them just as he did with me.

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  1. Another great post, Jane! Thanks for 'following' my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I look forward to reading more of your writings. God bless!