Friday, 9 November 2018


Last Saturday my other half and I went to Stourhead to look at the beautiful Autumn colours in the trees there.  Yesterday as dear other half is off work sick at the moment I took him to the Hillier Gardens to see the colours there as well. The long dry summer and very mild autumn weather seems to have fuelled the trees into bearing the most spectacular show of colours this year.  We are due a lot of rain and wind tonight so this spectacle may be at its end.

 It feels like we are entering into a new season in our lives together.

We are running around a bit like headless chickens getting my youngest daughter to auditions, rehearsals and the like but we know that after December 12th goes by (her last audition and grade 8 saxophone exam) this will quieten down.

Slow down is whisper that I hear when I'm able to steady myself.  Slow Down.

I'm trying to listen to this more and more.  I am currently letting go of several roles that I have had in our church for sometime.  Not everything but enough to allow others to come and explore their gifts for serving.

So this new season that we are entering is definitely going to involve dear husband and I spending good quality time together, it's so easy to forget how much fun you can have when you are able to put in the time and energy to nurture relationships.

The other very exciting change that is coming for us is the imminent arrival of this gorgeous little bundle of fluff ....

Merry will be coming to join us on the 27th November.  We could have her on the 21st but with a little thought and Divine prompting we are going to wait until 27th as this will be the 10 year anniversary of my little sisters unexpected death.  It feels like a decade is long enough to be remembering this anniversary sombrely and so from this year on it will be Merry's forever homecoming anniversary.  We are all very excited.  Let the new season usher itself in with much fun and great memory making.