Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Finding a new Beach

Last Saturday we were invited to go and join some friends for a beach barbecue down on Hayling Island where they live (about 45 mins drive from us). We have visited theirs before and know that the beaches down there are all quite pebbly. That is the reason why we have never looked at going there on 'beach' days as our children love sand. Imagine my surprise when we were greeted by this site.

It was quite a difficult walk over a very pebbly bit of beach to start with but we went round a corner and were met by an expanse of over a mile of sandy beach. This is one of those beaches that only appears when it is low tide. We arrived about 4.30pm to find it quite dull and grey around the edges, the forecast was a bit mixed but we all decided we would brave it out no matter what.
We were soooo pleased that we did. Within 45 minutes the clouds cleared and for the rest of the evening we had blue sky and sunshine.

The children played in the sand.

Walked our friends dog.
Paddled in the sea.

Frisbee and cricket were both played. We also got to watch lots of great big Cruise liners leaving Southampton Water into the Channel as they all left for great adventures.

Good food and drink were consumed and it really was just a smashing afternoon. It was great fun to watch the tide slowly coming in and by the time we left after 7pm we were the only ones left on this stretch. It really couldn't have been much more perfect. Thank God for the lovely area that we live in and for lovely friends x.


  1. looks like a fab afternoon!

  2. What a lovely afternoon! We're 45 minutes from the beach as well -- we go from 4000 ft above sea level to the beach in 45 mins. San Diego, CA has some fab beaches! It's still a bit cool though -- water temps in low 60's and air temp in low 70's. We have "May Gray" and "June Gloom" right now -- lots of coastal clouds but we stay sunny up here in the mountains. :)

  3. That is very funny Susanne, as that sounds like the middle of Summer to me!