Friday, 22 May 2009


In all the angst of this week, by necessity I got out some craft bits yesterday to make cards for the next week. I have been card making since before I got married, but made the decision just after my first was born in 1999 that I would no longer purchase cards. Until this last year I have reasonably kept up with this. Making all birthday, celebration and Christmas cards every year, my children have grown up believing if you want to send a card you make it and I love this attitude. Making a card gives me the time to sit and think about the person that I making it for and most importantly of all to pray for them.

The last 6 months or so I have really struggled to make any, when in emotional turmoil my creativity takes a nose dive, therefore I was quite surprised at how quickly I got these done yesterday. Like with writing card making does not always go the way you want/hope, but as a first draft I am pleased with what I have produced.


  1. Hey there, can I order a card from you please.....along the lines of the 40's Mum and Dad's Ruby wedding anniversary in July!

  2. Meant to say that your cards are fantastic!