Monday, 4 May 2009

My Veg Patch.

I have finally got round to sorting the veg patch out this weekend. Last year was our first year, spurred on by my sisters allotment, and her offer of all the plants we could not hold off any longer. Maybe that is one of the reasons I have found it so difficult to get motivated to get on with it this year. With all the family trauma that entailed at the end of last autumn we had not been able to harvest everything in time, though I amazingly I have still got the last of my spring onions to use - one more meals worth left! Of course this year I do not have my supply of young plants from my sister either. Fortunately with the help of my children we got ourselves to the garden centre on Saturday and spent all our money on small plants and packets of seeds. I have detailed exactly what we bought below so that I can remember for next year when we start again! The only plants we have left over from the initial planting last year are, the rhubarb (doing very nicely I must say - crumble here we come!), chives, mint, and parsley. Last years perpetual spinach is still perpetuating but I have now moved that into a pot next to the guinea pigs who are very happy to continue eating it!

Small plants:

2 x Strawberry - Pegasus

2 x Strawberry - Hongoye

Water Melon, Charantais

Cucumber - Futura

Cucumber F1 Zeina

2 x Cherry Tomato - Sungold.

3 x Dwarf French Bean - Slenderette (just loved that name!)


Sweet Corn F1-Sundance

Carrot - Nantes2

Leek - Winter Atlanta

Pumpkin - Ghostrider

Spring onion

Spinach - Tarpy F1

Lettuce Cos - Parris Island

Lettuce - salad bowl

We are also trying some flowers in our new patch of land that we dug up a few weeks ago, in there I have planted blocks of Chrysanthemum - Summer Festival (these were free having got the next two packets), Cornflower - Polka dot mixed,Snapdragon - Royal Bride (supposed to be very fragrant) and Showy Sunflax (these are left over from last year so will see if they do anything!)

Because my mobility is somewhat reduced at the moment with my very painful knees (fell over Saturday morning so they are even worse!) my lovely family got on with all the hard work for me while I directed.

I have got some protection over my small plants as we do tend to get an influx of pigeons in the garden when there is something new that might be tasty in it, hopefully this can come off in a few weeks and I will post a picture of how it is getting on.


  1. So impressed! I got some of those free Chrysanths as well and planted them yesterday so we can compare notes! Your rhubarb puts mine to shame.

  2. Great minds obviously think alike Gaynor! We only got one crumble out of the rhubarb last year - this year looks far more promising!

  3. Lovely, Jane! Simply lovely.

    I have yet to venture out into my garden to see what survived our winter. We're still below freezing often, so we don't tend to plant outside until well into May. I'll have to get my energetic boys to work and commit to watering. I love gardening but hate the "come-uppance" that my body has every time I work for longer than 15 minutes.

    I can't wait to see more photos!