Friday, 8 May 2009

Everything is blue.

Well shades of anyway - I have got a very blue garden at the moment. I'm not sure I planned it that way but this spring I have really noticed the colour changes in my garden. First there was just the odd white snowdrop. Then lots of yellow narcissus. Now it is blue

The bluebells are from my husbands old family home, we were given some bulbs years ago and this year they have finally taken a firm stand (I was always told they would take over my garden but never quite believed it).

I can't remember whether these blue geraniums came from my sister or my husbands, they most certainly do take over but with their first blooms of the year (they will continue all through till the end of summer) I am happy for them to have as much space as they like. I separated some of these last year and put them into my front garden which is not quite as sunny, but I have just noticed the first flower heads starting to appear!

This flowers name is 'heavenly blue' (sorry can't remember its proper name). I put this in the year before last, attracted by it's amazingly brilliant blueness. I have been a bit concerned with it all through the winter as it's evergreen stalks and leaves have been looking very wooden, but it has not disappointed and is living up to its name.


  1. Gorgeous, I must pop round and see it all in real life!

  2. The last flower is Lobelia -- I grow them in my garden, too. "Blue Moon" is my favorite shade. :)