Wednesday, 20 May 2009

So tell me........

Why do you leave your wife when she becomes seriously ill?
Why do you leave your 3 year old daughter when her mother is taken into hospital?
Where were you on all those birthdays?
Why do you avoid paying any maintenance to your child for years and years, going to such extremes as putting all purchases in your new partners name to avoid them being repossessed?
When have you ever cooked your child a meal?
Why do you always take her shopping to buy things for yourself when you decide to see her?
How do you have the nerve to turn up at your ex-wife's funeral?
How can you plan to leave the country and your motherless child less than 6 months after the mothers death?
Why do you buy her a new mobile phone for her birthday giving her Internet access but not bother setting it up with any credit?
How do you put your child through a medical examination that she doesn't want to do because you want to call her a dependant on your work visa application?
Where were you when your daughter had her first day at a new school?
Why do you only contact her when you want something?
What right have you got to continually remind her about how much you are choosing to reject her?

I would just love to know.


  1. Oh, Jane! Crying and praying for you both! Thank God she has you and your fantastic family. Xx

  2. We're asking very similar questions on this side of the pond. Hugs!

  3. thank you for your support ladies, I don't know what I would do without it x x x

  4. ((((Jane))))
    In our thoughts and prayers. We cannot begin to understand what you are going through, but we are here for you.
    Ko and Al xxxx

  5. Love and prayers from Southern California, dear one. Love and prayers.