Monday, 1 June 2009

What a Week

We have had a jolly good half term week, we didn't go away, but got to do lots of nice things and the weather apart from one day was just gorgeous! Here is a quick snapshot of our week.

Sunday - as I was officially not working we decided to take the day off from church and spent the day finishing off jobs, my youngest decided she wanted to learn to do her own ironing!

I also made a card for our lovely friends whose baby arrived 2 weeks early!

Tuesday was spent having water fights in the garden.

Wednesday it rained almost all day so plans to go to the park with friends were exchanged for 10 of us going bowling and out to lunch.

Thursday - finally my hubby was around for the day so we got to go and do the treetop walk at Kew Gardens in West London. We are able to go in for free as we have annual tickets to a garden near us that also allows us admission into Kew. We had to cut the day short as hubby was off to see the Manic Street Preachers with some friends in the evening (back in London!).

Friday was a beach day, we love going to see Grandma Jean (a friends mum) who has a beach hut down in Alum Chine in Bournemouth. The children love it here, this was our newest arrivals first time and she loved it - couldn't get her out of the sea! I had the extra bonus of going out for a meal with a friend that evening, we had a Mexican in Southampton and treated ourselves to a taxi there and back therefore able to enjoy a jolly nice bottle of fair trade wine.

Saturday was busy jobs day - getting all the bedding washed, the children doing their jobs to get their pocket money. In the afternoon I was able to escape the heat with the girls and a friend and her daughter to go and watch Hannah Montana at our local cinema - this was great and hopefully I will blog about it another time!

Sunday the five of us walked to church and then went off to Reading in the afternoon to spend a lovely sunny afternoon with my sister in law and most of her family in the garden having a barbecue and being thoroughly looked after and spoilt.

My nieces.

My daughter and my son.

Today it was back to school and work, but with so many wonderful experiences under our belts I think we were all ready for it - roll on the summer holidays now.


  1. What a lovely garden! Oh, I dream of gorgeous English gardens all the time, but living in the high desert of Southern California doesn't tend to encourage much gardening, even though I try.