Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

On Saturday I went to see Hannah Montana the Movie. I was not expecting anything spectacular but knew my daughter desperately wanted to see it as High School Musical is now 'rubbish' and Hannah Montana is 'It'.

It was an okay film, reasonably harmless, typically Disney a good old moral story, I would watch it again.

What I didn't expect was to be so touched by one line in the movie and the song 'The Climb'.

The line was something like "you have to climb the mountains in life otherwise you won't get to see the view".

The song was this:

While I was watching this song being sung I was whisked back in time to a moment on my honeymoon back in 1996. We were driving into Yosemite National Park, on our way my husband noticed a view point and stopped the car. There were just some rocky old steps going into some trees and it didn't look like a view point at all. I was very reticent about getting out but was eventually persuaded. When I did this is what we saw:

To say my breath was taken away was an understatement. I had never seen anything like it before - it was the first time I had the feeling of being 'on top of the world' and I am so very thankful I never missed it.

One of my favourite psalms in the bible is 121 where we are encouraged to lift our eyes up to the mountains to remember where our help comes from. Indeed this song and this memory has certainly done that for me.

I am still basking in thankfulness towards my faithful heavenly Father, for being able to relive this memorable moment of one of the happiest times of my life. Also for being reminded while listening to 'The Climb' that the hard slog which is life at the moment is and will continue to be so worthwhile, hopefully not just for me.

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