Friday, 26 June 2009


Memories are funny creatures I think. Sometimes you might feel that you can control them and then suddenly they will pop out from nowhere and startle you.

Today there is a lot of media attention on the sudden death of Michael Jackson. I probably haven't thought of this talented if not tortured man very much in the last 10 years. However I was only talking about him this time last week when we were at the O2 arena in London. There were adverts up all over the place about his upcoming 50 date tour. This had prompted a conversation between my husband and myself about whether we felt he would ever be able to complete all 50 dates.

So where is the link between memories and Michael Jackson. Well it was a trip to see this remarkable man at the Milton Keynes Bowl in the late 1980's that proved to be the beginning of a relationship that ended with much pain. It was a time before I became a Christian when I was searching for my place in the world. So the memories I am having today are not great ones, I feel very sad at the thought of that relationship and I also feel very sad that this talented man never appeared to find a place in this world and just hope he has found his place now.

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