Monday, 22 June 2009

A Fantastic Time

This is a very self-indulgent blog - sorry about it's length but I really wanted to make sure I got down all the things I did on our night away. It may be a while before we get another one. We are both very gratefull to Auntie Helen for coming and looking after the children for us - the children had a ball!

Brian and I arrived in London before Lunch on Friday for the start of our 'free' night away. Being aware of my physical limitations at the moment we made the decision to get a rover ticket on the Thames boats so that I didn't have to walk too far. We parked near our hotel by Tower Bridge and caught the boat and gently cruised up to Westminster. The picture of the left is taken outside Trinity House by Tower Bridge.

The Millennium pedestrian bridge over towards St Pauls. The weather wasn't too hot, and though it threatened rain a few times we didn't get any at all.

The Hotel we were booked into was really lovely. We were on the 11th floor and had a HUGE room. I cannot remember the last time we stayed in a hotel where you couldn't hear a sound in the rest of the hotel. We went down to the Spa and both had a neck, shoulder and back massage before having a swim, sauna and jacuzzi.

After a lovely meal we then headed out to the O2 arena to see the Pet Shop Boys. We had great seats for what we had paid for.

The set was wonderfully simple and yet so well used. There were also 4 dancers who were absolutely brilliant - I'd have paid to see them alone.

The music was great, our last experience at the 02 was not so good so it was great to find out that there were good seats to be had!

This was the view from our hotel when we returned.

This was the view in the morning - what beautiful clouds. You can see the Tower of London with Tower Bridge behind it and just glimpse the Thames on the right hand centre.

After staying in the hotel and having a very leisurely breakfast in our room we then took the car and found free parking outside the Tate Gallery. It was just lovely to wonder round at our own pace we even managed to loose each other in one of the exhibitions we were so immersed in what we were looking at. Does anyone know why Turner painted the same puffy cloudy looking tree in almost all his paintings?
After some lunch we took the car closer to Hyde Park and had a lovely hour to finish off our time alone.

This is the Albert Memorial poking out of the trees.

As we sat chatting I suddenly noticed this love heart in front of us made by the trees! I have started to get very interested in photography - partly prompted by a new lens we brought my husband for Fathers Day!

I have decided I really do like rows of trees!

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  1. I'm so glad you had a lovely time, you really deserved it! Xx