Monday, 3 May 2010

One Thousand Gifts.

205. Time to make a 'Blessings' bracelet for a dear friends 50th birthday.
206. My faithful dog waiting patiently for my return home.
207. The excitement she shares with me when I return.
208. My husbands muscles and time - sorting out our compost heap!
209.  All this lovely compost, made from all our garden and kitchen waste! Ready to nourish this years growth.
210. Time to walk, and to find my limitations.
211. Crafty hands using scrap fabric, that can take over when my legs are not working properly.
212. Beautiful wild flowers.
213. A new plant for my garden 'Veronica'.  I just couldn't resist a reminder of a friend overseas!
214.  Books to read and stimulate me - currently reading Grain in Winter, full of musings on difficult situations in life.

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