Monday, 10 May 2010

I will Praise Him.

As the weeks go on they seem to be getting harder, but I am determined to follow Ann's example and continue to journey in thankfullness........

215. The pathway He guides me on, Trusting on what is round the next bend.

216.  The care and the beauty that God puts into the smallest and most temporary aspects of life.

217.  Trees to jump off.

218.  Trees to climb.

219.  Beauty unfurling on the woodland floor despite the canopy darkening.

220.  Friends children enjoying our pets in the garden.

221.  Carpets of bluebells.

222.  My home grown border, everything given or split from existing beds.

223.  My veg patch, all ready for this years seeds.

224.  My new Rose garden.

225.  A precious curl.

226.  The beauty of my first born.

227.  Rhubarb and sponge pudding - yum yum!

228.  Being warmed by my puppy when the afternoon gets chilly.

 229.  Husband and youngest ready for their 'date' at the theatre.


  1. Lovely. Especially the final photo!

  2. Number 220 made me smile because last time I had one of those on my lap it decided to go to the bathroom! And I was at a friend's house so had no clothes to change into! heeheeee, but they are so cute and cuddly.

  3. Thank Ko - she chose his clothes for him! Thanks for dropping by Zoe - looks like we have quite a lot in common!

  4. Lovely list! Beautiful photos!

  5. I love your list and your photos are wonderful! Have a blessed week!

  6. Such a great list. Your garden looks so hopeful! #225 - those curls! Precious. Aloha *;)

  7. Thanks for the encouragement girls x.