Monday, 24 May 2010

The Best Monday Feeling.

I am so enjoying joining Ann Voskamp in counting my blessings.  My attitude is slowly turning through the week as I think about what I will include in my next list.  Those who have visited before have made several comments about the photos that I have been including.  This has inspired me further to try and include a photo with each of the blessings - I have a very picture visual memory -  I can picture my blessings rather than just remembering words!  I hope you might join me in enjoying some of this weeks:

141.  Celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary in simple style during the day while the children were at school.

142.  First borns socks and t-shirt hung by himself after an afternoon kayaking to celebrate a friends birthday.

143.  This beautiful Acer tree which reminds me of prayerful people in the North everytime I look at it.

144.  Water fun in the garden.

145.  Finding a use for all those sweetie wrappers I have been saving - bird scarers to keep my seeds safe.

146.  Shaded space and make do games.

147.  Time to design, bead and create.

148.  Gorgeous summer weather.

149.  A house that stays reasonably cool when the temperature soars outside.

150.  Finding a use and new way to use discarded CD's/DVD's, in the garden.

151.  Lots of beading!

Another week of blessings to look forward to and I know that there are going to be blessings, because I KNOW that he wants to give me more than I can ever imagine possible.


  1. very beautiful. such resourcefulness! I love the ping-pong table. We just got stuff in the ground, seeds & what not. Need some more, perhaps wildflowers. My son asked for carrots specifically. :) be blessed today-

  2. Thank you Laura - I hope your son enjoys growing some carrots - mine is concentrating on his Boys Brigade Sunflower! They are having a competition to see who gets the tallest and biggest flower head!

  3. Love your stunning wedding photos! And all your beautiful beading! :)

    And the use of old CD's in the garden--brilliant in more ways than one. ;)