Monday, 17 May 2010

More Blessings.


Another week, no new trauma's/drama's this week, just lots of clearing up of the week befores!

230. Tools lovingly cleaned by my dad so that they can be sold.

231. Watching my dad sort out his tool box.
232. Beautiful Horse Chestnut 'candles' decorating the trees.

233.  Seeing the complete joy on my grandma's face, dementia has taken most things away but not her mischievious laughter.

234.  Home grown rhubarb crumble.

235. This beautiful delicate butterfly, desperate to get into my Aliums before they can open.

236. The joy of watching this lovely new family.

237.  God's sense of humour in making such funny looking animals as the Lama.

238. A walk with my puppy and my two dear friends and their 3 doggies!
239. Pippin falling in love with Drogo and learning some more sniffing techniques. 

240.  Pippin meeting her first Swan and being very respectful towards it!


  1. Such a lovely list! I'm rejoicing with you from Boston!

  2. Love your list. The pictures are wonderful. Sweet pups. Aloha! *;)

  3. Such a heartwarming list. And beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!