Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Bloom Where You Are Planted.

Laura at By The Bushel had this title on one of her blog posts the other week.  She was talking gardening, however straight away I could not stop thinking about people.  Do we ever consider trying to bloom where we are planted.  Or do we sit and long to be planted somewhere else before we start blooming?

I know for myself, there is often wishfull thinking going on, I could be the most fantastic children and youth pastor if :
  • I was in the 'right' sort of church.
  • I had the 'right' sort of volunteers to support me.
  • My health was better.
  • My family situation was not so difficult and time consuming.
 My family life would be so much better if:
  • We had just a little bit more money
  • We could get my parents to move closer to us.
  • The house was just a little bit bigger.
  • We had more time to see friends.

Is this how God wants me to live, does he want me to try and hide my blooms unless they are in what I consider to be the perfect place - NO. 

I may not be terribly comfortable where I have been planted at the moment, however that is where I am.  Do I think that God can make me bloom where I am planted - YES.

Help me to trust you more this week Lord.


  1. In my prayers as always xxxx

  2. Thank you for sharing these us.


  3. could not have said this any better myself. this has been my goal, for as blessed as my days are, I still long & wish. Silly me. THe ground is fertile right where I am, Lord help me to see the beauty & blessing in the opportunties & abundance that is right where I am.