Monday, 23 May 2011

I will be Grateful.

I am re-reading Henri Nouwens book 'The Return of the Prodigal Son' at the moment after my laments of the other day.  I have not finished it yet but what I have most got out of it so far are his reflections on the older son.  Seeing him as 'lost' in possibly a far more pernicious way that the younger son who returns to his father.  He ruminates on how the older sons attitude is very much like that of the pharisees, being indignant and resentful towards his father for the way he so generously welcomes back his younger son.  He poses the question 'what is easier to overcome and repent of, lust or resentment and bitterness? Erring on the side of believing the later is far harder.  On exploring this further he considers that one of the ways that we can can try and make ourselves open to being found by God when we know we are full of resentment and bitterness is to practice being grateful.  Giving thanks for what is happening around us because we know that we should be thankful rather than because we feel particularly thankful.

Stress levels remain unbearable in our home at the moment, but following what I have been reading I am determined that I will still be grateful.

560. Witnessing my husband relishing and flourishing in his new leadership role in our church.
561. The promises in the bible that God will be  in everything I do.
562. My daughters fascination with her new word of the week 'constipation' how she makes me smile.
563. Watching and listening to my son play his trombone in the Boys Brigade Band during a service on Sunday.
564. Sleep.
565. Great writers like Henri Nouwen whose book 'The Return of the Prodigal Son' I am revisiting.
566. The opportunity to do some gardening.
567. Listening to the baby owls calling to their mum and each other in the dusky evening in the woods behind our house.
568. A friend who is happy to let me come round at a moments notice and remove a 'tick' from my puppy dog.
569. More sleep.


  1. Great list. Especially # 568. Now that's a true friend. Thanks for sharing.