Monday, 2 May 2011


I have been counting my blessings for a long time now with Ann Voskamp and the gratitude community that she has developed.  It just so happens that she does this on Monday and then today a very nice young man (who does not want to be named but you can find out who by clicking here) has suggested a new tag for Mondays on Twitter.  Prompted by news on terrorists on this beautiful Monday morning he has suggested that we use our Mondays to ENCOURAGE those around us (either in body or through the airwaves).  Being thankful and encouraging are such an  important part of any Christian disciple and I am so pleased to be encouraged to do these things by amazing cyber friends.  When we repeat things over and over regularly (as with most liturgy) it is possible to make them a part of our being and I shall certainly try and keep #loveMonday going on Twitter along with continuing to count by innumerable blessings with the blogging community.

550. My garden blooming by itself with no interference from me.
551. Enjoying watching The royal wedding with my daughter on Friday - special times.
552. Relief from a bad migraine with advice down the phone so that I did not have to move.
553. Freshly mown grass.
554. Listening to my children practising the musical instruments.
555. Breakfast dishes piled on the draining board, full tummys in this house.
556. Getting the envelope my youngest and I have been waiting for so that we can write to our new Compassion child.
557. Watching and listening to my 2 1/2 year old Godson visiting the Hovercraft museum with us - so funny how it made his mouth all screw up trying to say it.
558. That feeling of excitement in my tummy when I think of all the good stuff I have got to get on with when work resumes more normality tomorrow morning.
559. My husband, who has to stand by and just watch when my body suffers, who will probably never understand just how much that gentle stroke on my arm means.

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