Sunday, 15 May 2011

How did the father of the Prodigal Son let him go?

The story of the Prodigal son has been on my mind a lot.  It seems on so many levels to resonate with the situation that we are in at the moment.    I googled the question in the title this morning, as I ponder what the next few weeks has in store for us with our niece.  I found this sermon.  I thought it a jolly good sermon and can agree with most of what is said.  It still leaves me feeling though HOW did he do it?  Did he have family conferences and try and persuade him to stay?  Did he warn him of the potential pitfalls that he might be heading for?  Did he get friends and family to try and persuade him that he really was not making the wisest choice? or did he just let him go?

What are your thoughts?


  1. What springs to my mind is that the Father in the story is a picture of God; then the question becomes how does God let us go? He is totally available, gives us clear rules, states the consequences of not keeping them, gave himself so that we could come home, and then lets us go. We know from scripture that it breaks his heart. My love and prayers are with you. Xx

  2. Thank you Gaynor, actually that makes a lot of sense as the whole of the old testament is then showing us how much effort God put into reconciling us!