Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Starting Something New

I have so enjoyed this journey that I started in January with my blog. When life seems to be constantly throwing lemons at you, there is nothing like looking back at all the blessings you have been given as well. It has not only been an enjoyment that I have experienced, I also feel as though I have grown inches! Maybe I have off loaded burdens that have been weighing my shoulders down? I have seen this reflected in many areas of my life, particularly my work life and my family life.

After an action packed 40 years I think I had quite lost sight of who I was. I think we do get totally embroiled in daily activities and roles sometimes to the detriment of caring for our spirit. Having said that I am not sure that there is anything we can do to change this, except that I know that Jesus is the only answer.

We are fallen people, tainted by sin, unless we are willing to accept this daily and accept Jesus as the only one who has and continually redeems us (when we ask for it), we choose to stay as fallen people, without purpose and completely self consumed.

So in the midst of the muck that I seem to be continually wading through in my life, I will continue to count my blessings, I will continue to Praise God for the many talents he has given me. I will continue to try and find me but hopefully will also be looking for the me in Christ more and more. (And don't worry - the life story isn't finished yet - I am still alive!).

I have also decided to try and share some of the creativity that I feel God has given me in my work as a children and youth Pastor. Therefore you may find on my profile a new blog that I have started, The Life of A Children and Youth Pastor, hopefully I will be able to use this to share more of my work life, which I love with great passion. So if you are interested please take a look!

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