Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Longleat Safari Park

What a fantastic day out we had yesterday. At the beginning of the 2 week Easter holidays once my niece had joined us we sat down and discussed what we would all like to do during the holidays. My daughters wish was the ice-skating, which they all thoroughly enjoyed. My sons choice was to go to Longleat, it's about an hour away from us and is one of the places we have been saying we will visit for years. It was fabulous to discover it was well worth the wait. As a family we do try really hard to stick to our ethical and environmental passions. This is probably one of the reasons why we have waited so long to do this, however having seen a TV programme based on Longleat called Animal Park we decided that this place probably would meet these expectations. And it didn't disappoint us. I thought I would just put up some photographs that my amazing husband took through the day.

We started the day doing the simulator rides and then went to Pets corner. This gave opportunities for all the children and adults to handle some amazing creatures, a small selection here:

After doing this we watched a bird show, they were brilliant and not tethered or caged in at all.

We then did Old Joes mine which is a fruit bat house where they were very active having just been fed flying around us making us duck.

A big let off steam in a huge Adventure castle came next - no photos as we couldn't find them most of them time, it was huge and had lots of variety of climbing, sliding and swinging activities.

We had taken a picnic which we consumed in the sunshine, before heading off for a boat trip around the lake, here we met

A quick watch of the meerkats was had, a trip around the stately home of the Marquess of Bath before a very refreshing ice cream was then consumed.

We then got back into the car to go and do the animal safari - there was so much to see that I cannot show you all the photos, but could not miss out on showing you these

What a truly fantastic day, my body might be complaining today but I am not.

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