Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Busy in a Very Good Way

I know that sometimes I can keep myself busy to avoid stuff - maybe things I am worried about, or nervous about, sometimes to stop myself from 'feeling' the pain that my joints are giving me. Today though, I feel as though I have been busy in a very good way. I have had no agenda to my busyness, except for doing stuff I want to do, encouraging my children and spending time doing stuff with my husband.

To start the day I had managed to organise two good friends with daughters similar age to my niece to all get together. One of them suggested going to play crazy golf, which was fab - and very cheap. I took along one of my youngest's friends as well in order to try and ensure that she didn't feel she needed to disrupt the older ones. It all worked fab, they all seemed to get on really well, 2 hours flew by and left everyone feeling as though they could still spend more time together. Except for the fact that my back didn't enjoy me standing for the whole time, it was a jolly good outing and one that is sure to be repeated.

After lunch the weather had brightened up and my husband had done the washing and got it on the line while we were out, I had a great longing to go get out in the garden. I love my garden. We have been in our house for 7 years now and my garden has gently matured as I hope I have to. I have always found gardening and thinking about it, one of the best ways to assimilate my spiritual journey. Today we took up some more of the patio (the whole garden is paved - the one point that almost put me off buying it) to make a new border. I have to confess my husband did all the hard work under my direction (lucky me!). As with all fresh starts I have not rushed in and filled it with plants to quickly. First it needs time, fertilizer, rain and sunshine. As I need regular breaks when gardening I love sitting and looking at the area that I am working on and thinking up lots of different things I could do with it. Some ideas are only fleeting thoughts of fancy (or not), some are possible goers, I haven't got anything for this particular patch just yet. I also got my veg plot cleared. One of the jobs that I had to do today is to take up some of my perpetual spinach, which though too tough for our consumption now is perfect for the guinea pigs. I found it very difficult to make the decision to compost some of it. Reality though is that I really do not require it all, by composting it, it is not going to waste - having removed the bottom 1/2 layer of my compost bin today I am reminded just how valuable old vegetation is.

Once the gardening was done and the dry washing taken down, I made tea and continued another little project I am playing with. My son asked me a week or so a go if he could design a Spore monster (some PC game that he plays) to go on a t-shirt. I remembered that I had not long ago seen that Asda (the superstore) had got very cheap inkjet printable t-shirt transfers. I therefore encouraged him to do the design and use the first transfer a few days ago. Today with the nice weather I washed and dried the t-shirt and discovered that the transfers worked really well. Spurred on by this I asked my niece and my daughter if they would like to do one. They both did and wanted the lion picture from my last post, the photo that my husband took. So I have done those for them. While working at them I used up the spare space on the transfers to do something for one of my plain t-shirts. I'll try and take photos tomorrow to show you the results, I'm very pleased with them.

This evening I have managed to get all the washing ironed and hubby has put it all away. My niece has finally gone to bed (can't get used to losing an extra hour in the evening with her still up! Just leaving me with enough time to blog and have a very well earned gin and tonic.

I am now praising and thanking Jesus for being with me today, for helping me to leave all the worries that I have with him, to do the stuff that I have to do and the stuff that I wanted to do. I really do have sooooo much to be grateful for, night night x.


  1. I see that we also share a great love of gardening, Jane. It's a spiritual exercise as well as a physical and mental one. I, like you, have to severely limit myself as to how much I can garden because it increases my pain greatly if I overdo. But gardening reminds me that God gave us the gift of assisting Him in His Creation through gardening -- what a blessing!

    Take care, and rest up, okay? :)

  2. Thanks Susanne, yes I have been resting since then - but very pleased with the progress I made! I'm so pleased you love your garden too!