Thursday, 9 April 2009

How Easy to Feel sorry for yourself.

Ames (my niece) Si (my son) Belle (my daughter)

How come everytime I start to think, "right I'm getting sorted", something always comes along to put a spanner in the works again! What I find every so frustrating is that it is often something really small and minor that throws me off balance. I have spent the whole afternoon feeling sorry for myself because we took the children ice-skating this morning. I knew I would feel sad about not skating because I have very painful knees at the moment. I had therefore encouraged my husband not to skate either, thinking if he was sat with me then I wouldn't be the odd one out!

This plan seemed to be working okay, until my son started to get upset that he couldn't get the hang of skating (he's only done it once before). The problem was he didn't want any help from his sister or his cousin either (both girls!!). Therefore the plan was scuppered. My husband went and got skates and I was sat on my own. I had my book to read, photos to take, but it just was not the same. I get soooo frustrated with my body sometimes. However I can bring myself back to earth - so many folks can't go and do things like skating because they do not have the funds to do it or even the umph to do it! My sister couldn't have even walked into the arena never mind onto the ice! So I know I need to keep these things in perspective, and I know with Christs help I can achieve so much - just not ice-skating today - so I will pull myself back together!

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