Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I am going off on a retreat this morning. It is an unstructured retreat, an experience I have never had before. The place I am going to was suggested to me by my Spiritual Director who belongs to the order of St Francis. The link below shows you how beautiful the place is, it is set in the middle of nowhere. The weather forecast for today is great so I am hoping to get out and take some photos in the grounds. Tomorrow it is due to rain all day, so hopefully this will be the time that I rest and read. I've got my 'stuff' ready as you will see in the photo - except for my camera - I had to use that to take the picture! Off to shower and pack some clean underwear, then I am off, hopefully will have new stories to tell when I get back, bye bye x. Ah ha, just looked at the picture again and remembered - must take some matches for my candle!

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  1. What a beautiful place! My dream ... a wonderful little priory in the English countryside.