Thursday, 9 February 2012


I went along to my counselling session with plans that it would be my last one for a while.  Going along has enabled me to gain far more insight into the way I react to others around me.  This in turn has given me the wisdom to ascertain whether a problem is my own problem or belongs to someone else.  Having both these tools has been invaluable over the last rocky 14 weeks since my dad died and all that ensued.  The outside benefits are:
  • I am far more relaxed at home.
  • I consider time out for myself as a need and not a luxury.
  • Family relationships are going along new pathways.
  • There is more organisation/ order in my home.
It is therefore very easy to sit back and say 'that will do'.  However it seems God has a little more he wants me to deal with yet. Will I ever learn that God never wants me to just make do?  With half term approaching we got onto the topic of friendships.  I confessed that I have really not put very much effort into friendships for the last few years (or more).  There are practical reasons for this, when family life becomes chaotic it is natural for friendships to take a back seat.  However I am starting to realise that mine have been on the backseat for so long, that I have got to the point where I cannot remember and don't really feel I  have the skills to be reintroducing them into my life.

Since being a little girl I have learnt how to distance myself from things that hurt.  That is the coping mechanism that worked for me then and so it has grown up with me.  I am now recognising that I might be loosing out on something because of this distance.  With friendships it has been far easier to write a blog and keep facebook updates letting friends know what is physically going in my life.  However to avoid having to talk about it (because it all hurts so much), I have managed to stay away from the telephone and from meeting up with friends for far too long.

I believe friends are a God given gift, maybe it is the shrinking of my family (through death and other things beyond my control), that is making me realise I need to get back on track with friendships.  At the moment that feels like a really big and scary path to walk.  However I know that if I look at practically how far I have moved on since beginning my counselling in September, it should not be too painful to tackle another area.

So to any friends that are reading this, I am sorry and I will start talking again in real life and I am so grateful for your love, care and patience with me.


  1. Your friends understand Jane, they really do. This saying is very true:
    Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they're always there.

  2. You are doing exactly the right thing Jane.

    Never doubt for one minute the huge value of friends and friendships.

    The longer friends are neglected the more difficult it is to mend the breaks.

    Take it from one who has learned the hard way (too late), that a friendless life is hardly a life at all.

    Your counselling sessions are obviously getting to grips with the root of the problem.

    Blessings and prayers as ever. X

  3. Thank you dear ladies. Ray I do so hope that it is never too late, praying for you also x.