Thursday, 2 February 2012


Have you ever noticed how decision making can become so difficult when you have the wrong amount of stress triggers around?  I am one of those people who need a little bit of pressure to make me get things done, if there is not enough pressure then I get so relaxed I cannot make a decision about anything.  On the other hand if there is too much stress/pressure around then I get too scared to make any decisions.

I mentioned in a post a few days ago that I had finally started a new routine with cooking for my family, this has been great, the pressure goes on at the end of the week to decide what shopping needs to be purchased for me to cook at the weekend and have healthy meals for the family all week.  This means that when it comes to tea time the pressure to suddenly think of what we are going to eat and prepare it  has gone, I usually just have to pop something into the oven. Yesterday I even managed to make some bread rolls as well!

Today's decision making has been slightly different.  I have made one decision - it is time to try and crochet a garment!  I have made another decision - I will make something for my daughter!  Other decisions  made are the design, the pattern, the yarn and the size crochet hook to use.  There is one decision left - the colour
I brought this Sirdar Simply Recycled yarn the other day having been wanting to use it for a while.  It is a mixture of acrylic and recycled cotton,  I set about trying the tension on my pattern and thought while I was at it I could look at how the different colour combinations work, this is the result of that:
The camera does not pick up the colour too well, starting from the bottom the colours are, green, brown, pink, green, brown, pink, green, brown, cream, pink, brown, cream, pink, brown, cream, green, pink, cream, green and pink.  I had been intending to choose three colours to use.  However I quite like the transition from the darker colours to the lighter stripes once the cream is added - now I just cannot decide!!!!  I think I shall have to just wait patiently for my dear daughter to come home and help make the decision as she will be the one wearing it.

By the way the piccie at the top of this post is a scarf I have made myself this week - just in time for the cold blast of weather we are presently experiencing.  I made it using  velour yarn I picked up in a charity shop, 6 balls for £5.00 and then finished it off with a border of some left over yarn from a hat I have made.  I am very pleased with the result, I maybe should have used a slightly larger hook for the border but I haven't got one so couldn't use one!  I most definitely won't be rushing to use this type of yarn again though, as nice as it is to have something big that grows really quickly, the mess that it made was horrendous.

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