Thursday, 31 March 2011

My Psalm of Anger.

After another bad nights sleep last night I felt the urge to write a psalm, I then got up and read the scripture union word for the day all about Jonah, asking whether he had a right to be angry.  That made me even angrier.  I then read this after googling psalms of anger and decided to put fingers to keys.

Where are you God?
What have I done to deserve 
watching those around me
being destroyed?
We have tried to do the right thing.
We have tried to make the right choices.
We have not put ourselves first.
And yet all that we do seems in total vain.

I feel I am waiting in the depths 
for your hand to come and reach me.
But it does not come.
I am paralysed by the weight 
of the troubles around me.
I can see no way forward.
I am sitting here waiting for you.
Are you going to come?
or am I to sit here and watch
the destruction of those I love.

The moments of lightness are getting fewer.
The sighs of those around me are getting louder.
Are you here in this pit with me?
Your Word says that you will be.
If so why can I not see you or feel your presence?
We have held onto the promises of help from the
professionals, again we are still waiting.
Are we not surrendering enough to you?

There is nothing I can do but wait
with sorrow and heavy and wounded heart.

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