Monday, 28 March 2011

When life turns grey.

I have had to look back to see when I last wrote a blog post.  Life seems to have gone into a different time zone.  I couldn't beleive it was only 10 days ago, though with hindsight it is very interesting to see that the last two posts were both about my neice for whom we kinship care.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened to us all last week.  I still am really struggling to process it and so am not going to be able to write very much.  I am however very keen to get some thoughts down in my blog as I have always found that when I see my words written down it helps me to feel them.

Last Tuesday night my neice took an overdose.  She didn't really take enough to kill herself (there were plenty more available for her), but she took enough to ensure that her health should be permenantly damaged.  She sneaked downstairs after we were all asleep and raided my medication, we knew nothing about it until she started to throw up at 5am.

God has been amazing - within 30 hours of having a blood test showing dangerous levels of drugs in her system, after being on an antidote the doctors were amazed that her third lot of blood results were completely clear - they said that should not have happened.

As you can probably imagine, that is not the end of the problems, for two days I did not want to see her again never mind consider having her back living with us.  Today was her 14th birthday along with my daughter who has turned 10 years.  It has taken every ounce of energy left in me to get through it.  If you pray we would very much appreciate as much prayer as possible.  This isn't just about one life, it is a whole families.

I normally try and add to my list of 1000 gifts on a Monday with the Gratitude Community over at Ann Voskamps Holy Experience Blog.  Today there is only one that I can say and mean

530.  Life.


  1. What a truly terrible time for you all. She must be a very strong child physically to have recovered so quickly. I assume she will have been seen by psychiatric counsellors who will help her and you to get to the reason behind this desperate act.
    Please don't give up on her, though I can well imagine how you might feel.
    My prayers are with you, as I'm sure those of all your other readers will be.

  2. Thank you for your prayers and support Ray, indeed we are continuing to get lots of support from childrens mental health specialists and even if we were not able to keep her at home I am praying that we will never give up on her.