Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I heard words that I hadn't expected so soon the other night.

"Aunty Jane, I think you were right about my dad".

There has been no reply to her emails for 3 weeks now, she has stopped sending them.  The being 'right' refers to a rude word that I called him to her a couple of months ago now when I lost my temper trying to get her to understand how hurt those I love have been by her father.  She has been holding onto the fantasy that he will come and take her away from all the sadness and upset caused by her mum dying.  We have tried to be as neutral as possible though remaining honest for two years now.  I really didn't think this realisation was going to come for a good time yet.  My heart aches for her.  How can a child stop loving the father who made her?  It shows the bond that we were created to have with our creator.  However I should not be surprised that human fraility can mess it up so badly.

I know there is a good chance that contact will be made again and she may go back to the idolisation of her father again, it is heartbreaking to know however that realisation will probably come again as well.


  1. Poor, poor girl. I know you'll be there for her. Keep strong xxxx

  2. My heart breaks for her but also rejoices that she has a new family with you where she is learning what it means to be adopted and how our heavenly father adopts us. You are all in my prayers. Xx