Monday, 21 February 2011


My kinship care journey does throw up some strange stuff for me to work through sometimes.  I have become increasing aware over the last week or so that my niece is always referring to us to other people with just our Christian names, leaving off the Aunty and Uncle bit.  We have had lots of discussions with her over the last two years about what she calls us.  At one time very early on in this journey she asked if she could call us mum and dad.  At that point I was really not ready for that at all and I knew my daughter couldn't handle the thought of it.  Then I noticed just a few months ago before her biological father came back onto the scene after a 6 month absence, that I was quite hankering after her calling us mum and dad.

We have made up names with her sometimes, Manty and Duncle were two of my favorites, mixing mum, dad, aunty and uncle!  That has never really stuck either.

When I started to notice this just calling us by our Christian names I have to admit I did not like it.  To give her credit she has not been speaking to us using just this name.  Why does it bother me?  I think my brain was thinking that it was not very respectful.  However I have been praying about it over this last week and have really felt God saying to me, "What is wrong with the name that you have been committed to me under?"  What can I say to that?  Do we not call God and Jesus by many names?  Thinking on it further I realised that as a teenager I can be proud of the fact that I have heard her using our real names, not some nickname that she has made up for us, that could potentially be very rude!

Continuing to thank my blessings with the gratitude community:

495. Respectfulness being shown.
496. A Successful 'respite' day for my niece with her Godparents.
497. A flexible job where I can fit in my hours to suit my children's and husbands needs.
498. Enthusiastic children in Junior church.
499. Funds to enable us to see one of my young people from church perform as leading lady in an amateur dramatic version of West Side Story.
500. A successful visit.
501. Completion of crafty God inspired idea for a sick friend.
502. Training days/conferences on many subjects close to my heart that I am able to attend.
503. Crafting with my young daughter.
504. A puppy dog trying and failing to become 'top' dog by sitting on the top of the sofa above my head!

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  1. Your post was a blessing, Jane. I loved your perspective about your niece. And #501 makes me smile! Don't you just love it when we are able to complete an idea He's given us?

    Have a wonderful week in Him!

  2. I think that you have a wonderful and wise perspective on your niece.
    The last one on your list made me smile :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments x.

  4. I’m visiting from Ann’s again today. I know it’s Wednesday – but there are so many!!

    I get the name thing – and I love how you wrestled with it – and came away the better for it :)

    I always pick a favorite - and my favorite of yours today was ~ 503. Crafting with my young daughter. (this is how memories are made for a lifetime – this makes me smile.

    God Bless you and all of yours this day.