Monday, 14 February 2011

Another Monday

Today is valentines day, not a day I can celebrate anything anymore, it should have been my sisters 39th birthday.  This is the third birthday she has missed and it hurts more as she stays ageless and our lives move on.  If there were only one lesson to take hold of for me since her death, it is to cherish lavishly those that you have around you, so that when the time comes you know you loved all you could.  I continue to count with the gratitude community:

485. An amazing trip to America.
486. New dear friends, willing to feed and taxi me around.
487. A family that missed me.
488. A clean house and flowers in the hearth on my return.
489. The familiarity of folding our laundry.
490. All the encourager's that God has surround me with.
491. The moments of quiet and stillness I can find in my week.
492. Knitting nearly finished!
493. The joy of giving home-made presents.
494. Strength of spirit renewed just in time.


  1. Lovely to view your blog.... Memories can sometimes be sad... Bless you....
    Hope you can view my blog too...
    and remember HIS name is also Love....

  2. I am here today from Ann’s

    And I have said a prayer for you – hope you don’t mind. I have lost my mom – I know a little of this – but a sister – no words – no words.

    And my fave from your list 490. All the encouragers that God has surround me with (we all need those – so many negative voices run in the head and heart – we need the uplifting voices – you have been one to me today)

    God Bless and Keep

  3. Thank you both for dropping by, your encouragement is very encouraging!

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog today and your list of gratitudes and blessings! Until last month, I could have said I know nothing about losing someone as you have. But my brother went Home last month. And you are so right: they remain as they were in our thoughts and memories as we move on. But I have found that it makes my gratitudes deeper, my moments more important, and my resolve more steadfast. Thank you for sharing!