Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Trip Alone

Last Friday morning I woke up early with butterflies in my tummy.  The day had arrived, I was on my way to see a friend I had only met over the internet (through blogging, tweeting and facebooking).  My parents were very concerned - you should not meet people you have only met through the internet, never mind fly thousands of miles as well.  It took a great deal of explaining to my children why in this instance it was a safe thing for me to do.  I know my friend was having a bit of anxiety over us meeting as well - what if we didn't like each other in real life!

I needn't have worried - I landed in Boston, USA in the evening after a flight made very bearable by some noise reduction earphones.  I really could not have done without them as there was a high school ski party taking up the majority of the cabin (that is why when I checked in on line there were so few seats!).  I saw Katharine the moment I walked into the arrivals lounge, we hugged and it felt good.

We then had an exciting adventure on the bus and subway and finally a taxi to get to her home which is within the city boundaries.  This gave us the opportunity to start to get acquainted without her children around (she has 5 I was under no doubts chatting would be difficult with them around).  There was lots of giggling, even with the taxi driver - I think I may have gotten a little giddy with all the newness!  I arrived at their house at about 9pm.  It was dark but I could see just how much snow there was around.  They live in what I consider a very typical New England home, the houses are around 100 years old in this area.  This is Katharines house
It looks big, however this family of seven are having to live with just one bedroom on just the ground floor of their property - that is amazing and the way they are doing it, is such a testament to what God is doing in their lives. (This photo was taken on my last day so the snow had actually melted considerably from when I first saw it).

After an hour getting to know Katharines husband and children I was driven 15 minutes to Brookline where I was staying in a Guest House, and what a guest house it turned out to be:

My room was in the bottom right hand corner as you look at the picture, this was perfect as when Katharine or her husband were coming to collect me I could see them arriving from the warm comfort of my room.  My room was just gorgeous, it was huge and beautifully styled, I didn't even have to make my own bed!

There was a gorgeous writing desk which I made use of.

 and a pretend fire that made the room feel sooooo cosy.

I had reasonable sleep in a very comfortable bed, I was waking up early every day but managed to snooze again after a bit of a read/write.  Saturday morning I went slowly communicating via FB and twitter with Katharine (so no cost involved as there was free wifi!).  When I was ready they came over and collected me, taking me back to their home for the rest of the day.  We had so much fun, the children are lovely and we had a great time of me giving gifts out and them showing me things that they loved/had made/just wanted to show me.  In between Katharine and I got to chat, she is amazing in the kitchen making most of their food from scratch.  I had to take this photograph as it was just how I imagined she looked typing away in her kitchen

The older girls took me on a tour of the whole house, how I am praying that they will be able to get it all habitable VERY soon.  By the time I was taken home, I felt as though I had known them all forever, I collapsed into bed knowing that Sunday was going to be American Culture Day for me.

The day started going to visit their church which I have blogged about on my work blog here.  It was lovely to meet lots of their new friends there.  It was lunch time by the time we got back and a lovely pick and mix lunch was put on with home-made tomato soup - yum yum.

We then had an afternoon to while away, playing games and chatting before the big event - The Superbowl.  Katharines two boys tried so hard to educate me into American Football, they managed a reasonable job, I did have more of an idea by the time it started than I would have done without their help.  During the superbowl we got to eat Tex Mex food which was just absolutely scrumptious (and drink beer!).  By the time it finished we were all very tired, it did not take me long at all to drop to sleep when I was taken back to my room.

Monday unfortunately saw me floored with an awful migraine, this kept me in bed all day.  However by early evening I was starting to feel myself again and was able to get up and took Katharine out for a meal at an indian restaurant and had more scrummy food, after a quick drop into their house afterwards to let the kiddies know that I was okay and it was back to bed.

Tuesday I took a bit of time to myself in the morning,  I walked to Coolridge Corner which is one of two small village centres in Brookline.  Here I was able to look around and spent an age in a fabulous bookshop and just generally window shopping.  The photo shows a small cinema which I then found out was where Katharine and her husband had their first date!

I then went and got myself a taxi (I felt soooo grown up) to the Boston Museum of Fine Art, which I did a small blog about here, as well as the embroideries there was a great exhibition of clothing which was fascinating.  I'll blog on that another time.  As well as some beautiful stained glass which I adore.

This very much made me think of my other internet friend Susanne who Katharine introduced me to over the blogwaves.  Her husband has produced some amazing stained glass.

I had checked out of my guest house but they had kindly let me leave my luggage there, so I got a taxi back to Brookline and Katharine came and fetched me.  We had the chance to have an early supper before embarking on a return adventure on the subway to get me to the airport for my evening flight home.

What did I enjoy most about the trip? well it certainly wasn't Mondays migraine!  Though to just pick one thing out is just impossible.  What I will definitely savour the most I think is the conversation with Katharine.  We talked about what God has and is doing in our lives, and I think both felt that my visit was a gift from God for very different reasons to each other personally.  One thing is for sure,  I know we will be friends for life,  I feel so privileged to have met her children and pray that I will get the pleasure of seeing them turn from fabulous kids to amazing adults.  I shall definitely be saving my pennies for another visit and pray that they might get over to see us to - I have so much to show them!

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  1. What an amazing experience. Katherine sounds lovely, so I'm not surprised you got on so well.