Thursday, 3 February 2011

Excitedly Nervous

I am about to embark on a trip abroad by myself, the first time I will have done that since I have had children (over 11 years!).  My flight is tomorrow, I'm off to Boston, I'm going to meet up with a friend who I have met through another friend via our blogs.

Thing is I know there will be something that I will have forgotten to take!  I am an experienced enough traveller now to know that I will definately have forgotten something.  I seem to play this little game every time I go away.  Until I leave the door I will be wondering what I have forgotten, once I have left the house, I will start wondering when I am going to remember what it was!  Fortunately I have never so far forgotten anything vital like my passport - though have been away with people who have suddenly discovered that they have lost theirs the day before we travel!

One new thing that I will be taking with me this time is our little netbook.  We got this second hand from another friend a couple of months ago to help out with the children when they are all needing to look up things for thier homework.  As it is considerably lighter than my laptop I should be able to carry it along with cameras in my hand luggage without too much difficulty.    This will mean that I can keep in touch with my lovely family at home if the need overcomes me.  Mind you it will also mean that if Katharine and I discover we do not know how to communicate face to face we could always sit next to each other with our computers on :o).  Hopefully I might even get the opportunity to blog while I am away.  What fun!


  1. Have the best time ever!
    I can't wait to hear all about it, when you get back we'll grab a cuppa together :o)

  2. How exciting! I've never met a blogger friend in real life before, it'll be a great experience I'm sure.