Monday, 3 January 2011

New Years Gratitude.

I am very embarrassed to find that I have not written down any blessings since 10 December!  I am even more embarrassed to have to confess to have not even taken time to think about them.  Time to rectify that I think.

330. Safe journeys over Christmas to the east midlands to see my parents.
331. Contented children on Christmas day though there was very little under the tree.
332. Time spent with friends.
333. Time spent with just the five of us.
334. Discussions with eldest about being adopted.
335. Being able for the first time since Sally died to cook a Christmas Dinner for others. (The last time had been for her).
336. The central heating getting fixed between Christmas and New Year, when our usual workman was on holiday!
337. Early nights and late mornings.
338. Time to read!
339. Friends taking the children overnight so that we can have a morning without them!
440. Seeing the children wearing the gifts that I made them.
441. Not having a terrible hangover when I really did deserve one.
442. Singing down the telephone with the whole family on speaker phone, We Wish you a Merry Christmas to my parents.
443. A visit to my Grandma with my youngest, who coped with a 'demented' conversation so well.
444. My loving God who is always there, even when I might ignore him.

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  1. I understand...I, too, have not been so diligent in counting my gifts over the past few months...but I am going to pick up and start again each day, each week.

    Your list is just precious!

  2. Beautiful! I really have been so encouraged by reading these lists of gratitude. I just started counting this past week, and it has made a huge impact in my whole week! :)