Friday, 28 January 2011

Exciting News

How I have managed to hold off for a whole 2 weeks without totally spilling the beans on my blog about a certain trip I really don't know.

Just before Christmas my kinship care support worker came back to work after 6 months off.  She took one look at my husband and I and said that we looked totally knackered.  (Nice to meet you again too I thought).

I hadn't realised just how worn out we were, she took it so seriously that she managed to get us funding to have some respite care for my niece.  Respite care in the form of a short term (ie weekend) foster family.  That suddenly threw up all sorts of emotions.  Does this mean:
  1. She thinks we are failing.
  2. We are failing!
  3. She thinks we can't do this job.
  4. I can't do this job.
  5. She thinks my niece would be better off with other people.
  6. I think my niece would be better off with other people.
Fortunately I have a husband who is far more rational than I am on these sort of matters.  There were so many reasons why going into a foster care environment would not be of benefit to my niece, that they far outweighed any advantages that we would gain for a weekends rest (we would still have our own children to look after!).  His analysis of the situation was that I was the one that most needed a break (remembering that he did have one back in November).

We had some BA airmiles that were going to be worthless in a few months time if they didn't get used so my husband suggested (not for the first time it has to be said) that I go away.

But where to go that uses airmiles.?????????

To make it worth using the airmiles in needed to be a long haul flight....... .  Now for two years I have been corresponding via twitter, facebook and blog with a very lovely lady called Katharine, we have found out that we appear to have an awful lot in common.  We have often dreamt and joked about meeting up for coffee one day.  In a message to me at Christmas she said that she hoped another year wouldn't go by without us meeting in person.  Why haven't we met so far......she lives in Boston MA in the US of A.  A shortish long haul flight away.  So where am I going on my own this time next Friday - you got it!  I cannot wait, I am so excited, meeting Katharine will be great but so will having 4 days by myself! I am really hoping that without the need to be watching over my children I might find the rest that my brains so needs.  I certainly won't be completely childless while I am away, Katharine has 5! However they will not be my responsibility.  I am staying at what looks like a fab little guest house, called The Beech Tree Inn which is only 15 minutes in the car from Katharine's house.  Katharine is coming to meet me at the airport, my husband is taking me to the airport which also means we can take the opportunity to go and have lunch with sons God-parents gorgeous friends of ours, before I get my early evening flight.

So just another week to go.  How slowly do you think time might drag?  Mind you I have got a lot of work to do before I leave so that will probably while the time away a little.  Katharine I really can't believe I am actually going to get to see you!


  1. How fantastic! Have a fantastic time (both of you)!

  2. You used my photo! I am wearing those same pajamas right this minute! See you on Friday!

  3. Those Airmiles definitely ought to go on that list of blessings of yours. Just popping over to Boston for four days? How cool is that! Enjoy!