Sunday, 2 January 2011

Two years on!

Today is my blogs second birthday!  191 posts have been done and I have loved every minute.  Not every post has been easy to write.  My biggest blog highlight this year has been joining in the Gratitude Community with Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience.  It can be a real challenge sometimes when weeks are too busy and the body is failing to look for blessings in the small things we are surrounded by.  However the benefit to teaching the heart and the brain to look for these things has certainly made me far more aware of how God is interested in every part of my life and rejoices in all the moments that I share with him.

So I wonder what this next year is going to develop in my blog life.  I hope that I continue and definitely improve with my new work blog Life of a Children and Youth Pastor.  I hope I can continue and improve on my publishing my blessings on a Monday.  I would love to get some more of my crafty bits and pieces photographed and shared.  A few hopes is all I have at the moment, that is what I really enjoy about blogging, when ideas come and can enjoy exploring them in writing.  When they don't I can continue to read all my fellow bloggers posts and revel in the enjoyment they are having with theirs.

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