Monday, 24 January 2011

Blessings of the Season.

I have managed to get out in the garden this last week and clear some of the debris that the Autumn and Winter has deposited.  It was so worth clearing it and I am so thankful for finding:

 465.  Peeping white drumstick primulas.
466.  Peeping snowdrops in the lawn.
467. Peeping narcissus.
468. Peeping bluebells.
469. My husband sweeping up all the leaves and getting them out of our garden.
470. Managing to not over do it in the garden so that I could still walk the next day.
471. No lawn in the back garden and lovely raised beds that I can manage.
472. Winter sunshine.
473. Sneaking to the cinema in the afternoon while the children are at school.
474. New beginnings.

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