Monday, 10 January 2011

Nearly Half Way

I feel really encouraged today looking at my 1000 gifts journey, I am getting towards the half way point.  Not that I ever intend to stop counting all the small blessings in my life as well as the big, but for an organised person like myself seeing a milestone is always an encouragement in itself.

445. Watching my 9 year old busy herself in the kitchen, cleaning and washing up (pretending to be me!).
446. Sloppy kisses from my 11 year old son who shows no signs (yet) of withdrawing his extravagant hugs and kisses for his mummy.
447. My 13 year old telling the truth when she would normally not have.
448. Knitting and dreaming in quiet moments.
449. Delighting a friend with a simple gift.
450. His Peace that knows no end.
451. Snuggling up with my husband in bed after two nights of him working through the night.
452. Work plans coming together.
453. Seeing answers to prayers for our church starting to appear.
454. Being one week closer to having our double glazing fitted at home.

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