Friday, 1 October 2010

Getting Creative.

I have had the chance to do a little beading this week. As you can see my beading box has got a little dusty, it has been a few weeks since it has been out...(though it is one of my dads old work boxes from his shed so not too surprising that it looks a bit rough)...

I've made this button for a friend to put onto a black cardigan.

One of our God-daughters is going to be 7 on Friday and so I have made her this..

It's the first time I have attempted this pattern and have to confess to be rather pleased with myself!

I think I am going to attempt to teach myself (with a little cyber help) how to crochet.


  1. Wow - so pretty! How clever! Glad you've had much deserved time for you this week.Xx

  2. Both pieces look lovely, but I especially like the beaded button!