Monday, 11 October 2010

Pushing away Anger/Resentment with Grace.

I have been really struggling with growing resentments this week, but even when my heart is not feeling it - I know Gods Grace is bountiful, I KNOW it and will keep trying to FEEL it this week.

257. Unexpected warm autumn days.
258. Watching the leaves on my acer turning brilliant red.
259. Making birthday presents, holding the birthday peeps in prayer while I craft.
260. Cuddles on the sofa with my doggy while I knit.
261. Lunch in the garden with the washing drying over head.
262. Discovering a real good Christian song in the music charts.
263. Work meetings going well.
264. Caring for my children enough to get them into trouble with school.
265. Internet access at home.
266. Watching my doggy obey my husbands commands when off the lead.

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