Monday, 18 October 2010


Still counting through slightly gritted teeth.

267. Lovely walk with the dog and the children at the weekend at Farley Mount.
268. Mum and Dad staying calmer over talks about the Child Support Agency.
269. A Fantastic gift from the RAF benevolent fund to purchase a new bike for our eldest, and some extra to spend as we see fit.
270. Apple and ginger crumble tasting as good as it smelt.
271. Having the nerve and energy to carry through an invite.
272. Unexpected phone call from a friend, resulting in coffee and a great chat.
273. Registration forms for my Advent Adventures activity day for kids starting to roll in.
274. Delight of our eldest as she is allowed back on facebook after a 6 month ban.
275. No washing arguments on wash day Saturday.
276. Listening to the children sing happy birthday down the phone to my mum and her on speaker phone showing obvious delight.

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  1. Hi Jane. Thanks for the video clip. Finlay was shown it at Soul Mates (his new Youth Group at Church). He is very excited to be up with the older kids. Jasper much happier to stay in the services with Gaynor and I (just like I was at his age!) Lots of love, Richard

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Richard x.

  3. I was reminded recently that God sees our desires as of much more worth than what we actually are able to do. Your desire to thank Him and acknowledge Him ever week must surely make him smile!