Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Late Blessings.

Not to say that blessings have been late!  Just I am running a little slow this week.  Continuing my attempts to have an attitude of gratitude:

118.  New shoes arriving in the post that fit perfectly with my special insoles.
119.  Lots of crafting fun making cards and jewellery.
120.  Having the idea to send valentine cards to the children full of praise.
121.  Safe travelling to my parents and back again.
122.  Friends who are willing to share their blessings with me and mine

123.  The joy on great grandmas face as she played with Pippin when we visited her nursing home

124. Two whole days of no accidents in the house from Pippin.
125. The 1/2 term holiday from school, time to relax with the children.
126.  My mums tears of grief, far better out than kept in.
127.  The opportunity to go and visit where my sisters ashes were scattered on the day that should have been her 38th birthday, giving her daughter the chance to release a balloon.

holy experience

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  1. So glad your Dad is well- thanks for encouraging me to keep counting the gifts so abundant from God-