Friday, 12 February 2010

Beaded Jewellery

This week I have completed a knitting project that I have had on the go for at least 3 years, possibly longer! It was supposed to have a knitted tie wrap around to fasten it, however I decided that I fancied doing something a little different. My initial intention had been to thread ribbon around the neck and then have a thicker ribbon to fasten it to one side. However I couldn't the ribbon I wanted so...........

I surfed around on the internet for beaded brooches/ buttons, I have another cardigan that I bought which fastens with a brooch and quite liked the idea of making one.  I stumbled across images from this blog which made me think - I can do that!  I already had lots of seed beeds (the little ones) so went and purchased some brooch fixings and some larger beads in a colour that matched my wool (forgetting to take the wool so having to rely on my memory!).  I spent the princely sum of £3.50 and came home with my goodies.  After and evening and an hour the following morning this is the result:

I used an old large button (2" diameter) and some left over curtain lining cotton to cover it.  Once covered I then set about with needle and beading thread to layer the beads, starting with placing the large beads then working around them with the tiny seed beads and small beads.  Once completed  the brooch fitting was sewn onto a round piece of felt which was then sewn onto the back of the button.   Et voila!

I was so pleased with the outcome that I then continued this is my little work tray I used so that I could sit comfortably on the sofa with my puppy:
I still had some of the large beads left and so decided to make a necklace and some earings - I had purchased all these jewellery fixing bits from a beading shop when we went to Brighton last month.

And here are the finished results, if I every get to inspire anyone else to try beading I would be very honoured, in the mean time I will just enjoy having made something for myself for the first time in a very long time.


  1. Your button is gorgeous! Isn't it fun? And addicting? I love your earrings and necklace, too. You inspire me to get my beads out and do more!